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by David on December 13, 2013

The November 2013 issue of Colorado Country Life magazine contains an unsolicited review of High Grade, A Novel. Attached are images of the magazine cover and the review for your pleasure. Click on the image of the review for easy reading.

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by David on October 11, 2013

Reviews for High Grade


Having learned of the author at the SW Book Fair in 2012, I was very pleased to find a new independent author who writes well. The stories of Ben and his son Matt, interwoven with the North/South conflicts during the Civil War, were skillfully presented in both writing style and characterization. This conflict destroyed both lives and families, forcing many from both sides to start completely over after the war. Seeing it through the main characters brought true emotional understanding to the reader. I hope to read further novels in the series soon. — Penny

I found HIGH GRADE very easy to get into and spent the rest of the time hurrying to the end to see what would happen. Being a woman and not being as interested in the military strategies of the Civil War, I did not spend much time trying to understand the battles, etc., but I loved the story of Ben and his family and would like to read more about them. Hopefully more will come. — Dipstick

I was hooked from the beginning. The characters are real and I wanted to know what had happened and what was going to happen to them. The places were so well written I had no trouble visualizing the places and people. I would love to see Hallmark produce a movie of High Grade. And please have a sequel! This was only the second book I’ve ordered over the Internet. Amazon made it easy, the price was reasonable, and it arrived when stated. — Peaches

Loved this story! I didn’t want to put it down once I started. Looking forward to the sequel to come out! — MCC

Just finished reading High Grade and loved it. It was well written, easy to read, and hard to put down. Can’t wait for the next book to come out. — Bob Forster

I was one-quarter through this story, when I realized that I had never read a Western. I found myself thoroughly enjoying this story and believing in the author’s message. High Grade would tiptoe into my thoughts throughout the week. The characters were not the rough and tumble cowpoke stereotypes that Hollywood has created, but rather real people who are gentle, caring, strong, hard-working and believable.
The story is based on the question of “What if…?” I believe D. Lincoln Jones neatly tied up the questions posed and brought the story full circle. — Lauren DuBois

I truly loved this book. I ate it up in three bites! I loved the way Mr. Jones blends fiction and non-fiction together to weave his story. I loved being transported between the Civil War and the war that Ben is fighting to find himself. — D. Cliff

I finished this book three days ago and can’t stop thinking about it. I was so happy to learn that a sequel is being written. The family values, lessons and respect that were prevalent throughout the story really made me long for a world that could exist like that again. As bad as things were, there is an appreciation for family and friendships, possessions, and hard work. I recommend this book to everyone! — Cojo

High Grade has all the ingredients necessary for a great book: a story that captures the imagination and characters that live, all set in the chaos of war. The horrors of the Civil War come to life in this tale of a family torn apart physically, idealogically, and then by the loss of memory. Through it all the characters remain true to their sense of right and wrong, and rebuild their lives on those principals. A really good read! I hear there is a sequel coming and I will be waiting. — Judibgood

A wonderful page turner and a look at the best side of humanity. In a time of great darkness and sadness, good people prevail. The characters rise to big challenges and provide an unashamed glimpse of how the moral compass is our best took as we struggle to find our way back home. Thanks for the story and the insight at the end of the story. I will think of these characters often. — Ken

The very first page will reach out and pull you into the lost and dark world of Ben Jones. Curiosity moves you ahead, anticipation keeps you turning the pages. Experience High Grade with your morning coffee, a pleasant afternoon on the patio, or on a cozy evening by the fireplace, but do yourself a favor and read this story. — Old Coot

Jones succeeded in catching my interest from the beginning… the sound of nails being pulled from a coffin. The journey to High Grade is filled with characters that have the strength and goodness to keep you reading. I’m looking for another tale on those I met in this book. — Phyllis

I thoroughly enjoyed reading High Grade. The setting was different than most books I’ve read and this made it interesting. The characters were well defined and likable. I was captivated by the plot and kept reading to see what happened next. I will definitely be buying the sequel. I highly recommend this book. — Sharon B

A very enjoyable novel. Old fashioned family values, respect and heartbreak too. A story well told. I came to care about the Jones family very much. Looking forward to a sequel. — JPeterson

To all my local “Jones” cousins, brothers and sisters…. I’ve read this wonderful book. It’s a great read which includes a glimpse into our Jones heritage of Southeastern Kentucky. We must never forget and if we don’t know, we must always learn, and if you’re not a “Jones,” which we won’t hold against you, the book is a fascinating read. Mr. D. Lincoln Jones is an author of the highest caliber and if I understand correctly, there is a sequel to High Grade in the works. Personally, I await with anticipation. — Chapman Jones



October 5, 2013

Author D. Lincoln Jones will be featured at a book signing Saturday, October 19, from 2 – 4:00 p.m. at Books, Etc., 2340 Sudderth Road in Ruidoso. Southwestern writer D. L. Jones will be available to sign books and discuss the history behind his recent novel, High Grade. Set during and after the Civil War, […]

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July 29, 2012

WE’VE GOT A CONTEST From July 29, 2012 through August 12, 2012 you may enter your choice for the Actor/Actress to play the part of the characters in High Grade in a movie. The prize will be a signed copy of High Grade immediately and a signed copy of the sequel when published. The winners […]

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